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Tiger Tail Hose

Tiger Tail Hose from Amazon Hose and Rubber

“Tiger Tail”, as it’s commonly referred to in the industry, is a high-quality, heavy duty suction hose,
 used primarily in marine sanitation, sewage & wastewater, & pumper truck applications. It’s extremely 
flexible, resistant to kinking, and remains durable in sub-zero temperatures. Manufactured with a polyethylene reinforcement and outer helix, it remains rugged in the toughest of environments.

Available in yellow & black, (custom colors available with factory minimums)
Factory installed cuffs included on pre-made assemblies
Replacement cuffs available
Sizes 1-1/2” – 4”, standard lengths 25’, 50’, (custom lengths available)


Questions from our customers

  • question:

    Can you quote me for a 6″ x 36″ tiger tail hose?

    • Amazon Hose answers:

      The Tiger Tail hose that we carry is only available up to 4” ID. Can you tell me what the application is so I can recommend another product that may work for you?

  • question:

    Please quote me a 3×20 hose with camlocks for sewer service.

    • Amazon Hose answers:

      What type of camlock fittings would you need on the ends? I need to know whether you want male or female on each end, and what material you need them to be made of. If you can get me that information I will get you a quote right away!

  • question:

    I’m looking for two 50′ sections of 3″ flexible chimical hose rated for atleast 250psi. I would like them to have chemical resistent female quick connects on both ends. Thanks.

    • Amazon Hose answers:

      We can definitely help you with that. I just need some more information. First, what specific chemical(s) are going to be transferred with this hose? I have several different chemical hoses available each with a different purpose. Also, what temperature range do you need the hose to be capable of? And finally, what material do you need the quick connect fittings to be made from?

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