Tiger Tail Hose

“Tiger Tail,” as it’s commonly referred to in the industry, is a high-quality, heavy duty suction hose,
 used primarily in marine sanitation, sewage and wastewater and pumper truck applications. It’s extremely 
flexible, resistant to kinking, and remains durable in sub-zero temperatures. Manufactured with a polyethylene reinforcement and outer helix, it remains rugged in the toughest of environments.

Available in yellow & black, (custom colors available with factory minimums)
Factory installed cuffs included on pre-made assemblies
Replacement cuffs available
Custom lengths available

Hi-Vac / Tiger Tail Hose
Amazon Part # Hose Size ID¹ Standard Lengths (Ft.) PSI² Temp Vacuum Rating (in/Hg) Bend Radius (in)
HVHV2 2″ 3 / 25 / 50 / 60 26 140 29″ 3.75
HVHV3 3″ 3 / 25 / 50 / 60 12 140 29″ 8

¹ID=Inside Diameter ²PSI=Pounds per Square Inch

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