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Amazon Hose and Rubber Company now carries Hernon Manufacturing’s high-quality line of adhesives and sealants. We were recently approached by one of our largest customers with a unique problem pertaining to which adhesive product would be able to bond metal and rubber. The customer needed to adhere rubber gaskets to cast iron valves for an underwater application. The adhesive they were using failed within hours, causing costly downtime. Our Product Specialist determined that the adhesive they were using was not suited for the application or conditions.

Reaching out to our adhesive supplier, Hernon Manufacturing, we were able to run extensive testing on the products in order to determine the best solution to the customer’s problem. During the test, it was determined the cast iron valve would not stick to the rubber gasket. After trying several different adhesives, the team came up with the Hernon Fusionbond 375 as the best product fit for the application.

The pictures below illustrate the successful test performed with Fusionbond 375. The metal coupons/test strips were adhered to the gasket material and allowed to cure for four hours. The metal strips were then put into a test rig and force was applied to try and separate the metal from the rubber. After several attempts, the metal adhered to the rubber without fail even in the underwater conditions. The photos below show the Hernon Fusionbond 375 was more durable than the rubber. The customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the test results and rewarded Amazon Hose and Hernon with a nice order for the product!


Once again, Amazon’s partnership with a valued supplier resulted in  finding a solution to a very difficult problem.  Contact Amazon Hose and Rubber for any of your adhesive and sealant needs!