Air Conditioning Hoses for European Automobiles

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company has expert technicians that are skilled in the fabrication and repair of Air Conditioning hoses for European automobiles. Our Tampa facility was recently presented with several A/C lines for a BMW 5 Series. The hoses on the BMW had severely deteriorated and were no longer functioning for their intended use. Our client requested that we fabricate new replacement hoses for their customer.

As you can see in the before photo below, the hoses were in bad shape. Our Service Technician was able to fabricate new A/C hoses using the Continental ContiTech Galaxy Series hose. As you can see in the after photo below, we were able to match the sizes, specifications, bend radius and fittings in order for the Air Conditioning system to be operational again. The customer was very pleased with our work and the timeliness that we completed the order.

Before Photo
Before Photo



After Photo
After Photo


Amazon Hose & Rubber Company is a Premier Select Distributor of Continental ContiTech Industrial and Hydraulic Hoses. We specialize in after-market automobile hose repair and replacement for American and European autos. In this application, we chose the Galaxy 4826 Full Dimension Barrier Hose for it’s durability, reliability and flexibility.

Galaxy™ 4826 Full Dimension Barrier HoseGalaxy 4826 Full Dimension Barrier Hose

Application:  Our most popular hose, Galaxy 4826 is a polyester-reinforced, spiral barrier hose. It is classified as SAE J3062 TYPE C Class II. (AUG2015)  Produced to SAE J51 Dimensions.


  • Two polyester spiral barrier hose
  • J51 A II outside diameters
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Flexible – easy to route

Compatible with:

  • R-12 / R134a refrigerants
  • Mineral oil / PAGs


Permeation: 1.77 kg /m² / year

Moisture Ingression: 0.056 g / cm² / yr

Meets or exceeds SAE J3062 TYPE C Class II

Temperature Range: -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)

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