At Amazon Hose, Our People Know Their Stuff!

Industrial Hose Guidelines

Amazon Hose would like to extend a warm congratulation to all employees that have met the requirements for certification under the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines Program.  All Amazon warehouse manager’s, sales associates and hose assemblers are required to study the related guides and pass exams in order to receive formal certificates of completion in each area. It’s all part of Amazon’s commitment to industry standard recommendations that focus on ensuring hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.

The NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines Program provides a comprehensive set of minimum performance recommendations for the Specification, Fabrication and Design of Industrial, Composite, Hydraulic, Corrugated Metal and Fluoropolymer hose assemblies, as well as additional Guides for Ducting and Custom Made Hose.  Say that three times fast!

Just remember our promise:  Our People Know Their Stuff. They Know Yours Too!  Our Amazon employees go the extra inch and mile to stay current in product knowledge and industry regulated standards.  These efforts pay off in better efforts in understanding customer needs.