Automotive AC Line Repair

Freon Hose RepairWith summer upon us and temperatures consistently at 90 degree plus your car’s air conditioning system is working overtime. If you have a hose failure and need an ac line repair what do you do? Savvy customers bring in their AC lines to an Amazon Hose Service Center for a quick repair. An example of this is in the photo below. The top hose was leaking Freon from the highlighted weep holes, which was the source of the problem. Our Amazon Hose experts were able to identify the problem, cut out the old hose, brazed on new adapters, cut and couple to a new Continental ContiTech (Goodyear) hose. This gave the customer a new AC line which got him cooled down! The custom process was fast, convenient and affordable.

And it’s not only the hot weather. Other indicators of AC line failure can be the age of your ac lines, the age of your car, or the simple fact that it hasn’t been serviced in some time. Amazon Hose, although not an auto shop, knows alot about cars and their hoses. Come on by. Bring your hose in and we’ll have a look at it. We have service centers throughout Florida.

Amazon Hose to the rescue!

Are you having hose issues related to your high temperature application? If so, contact us at Amazon Hose and Rubber Company