Bill H. Retirement Announcement

Bill HippyIf Amazon Hose & Rubber Company ever had a difficult hose engineering project, then more than likely Bill H. was involved in some aspect of the positive results. With mixed emotions, we would like to announce the retirement of Bill H., who has over 43 years of service with Amazon Hose in Tampa. Since hired in April of 1973, he has been the go-to person within the company for special engineering projects that stumped many and overwhelmed others.

Because of his love for the company he dedicated his time, ingenuity and himself to everything he did.  He is highly regarded as one of the company’s institutions and leaves a legacy as he ends his career with Amazon Hose.  Bill’s innovative solutions will remain a part of us as he always put customer service first.

He is truly an inspiration to us all.  We are indebted to his vision and commitment as Bill was a vital contributor to the success of Amazon Hose & Rubber Company and helped propel us to our present position in the industry.

Although we will all miss him, he has worked hard over the years and earned the opportunity to enjoy more time with his family and we wish him the best in his retirement!

Bill H. was highly involved in training the next generation of hose service technicians, so if you need a hose repair or have questions about a project, please call us today at (800) 506-5514 or visit our website at