Boat Oil Cooler Hoses

Oil Cooler HosesAmazon Hose & Rubber Company recently custom fabricated the replacement boat oil cooler hoses for a customer at our Service Center in Tampa (see illustrated photo shown to the left). Our hose technician was able to determine the exact hose and fitting requirements based on information provided by the customer.

Our marine customers range from recreational boaters to marinas. Let us help you maintain your boat so that you can spend more time enjoying the water. We carry a variety of marine hoses including US Coast Guard Approved fuel line hose. Amazon Hose & Rubber Company can provide marine exhaust hose, bilge hose, power steering hose, and stainless steel clamps from vendors including:

  • Continental ContiTech
  • Eaton (Aeroquip and Weatherhead)
  • NovaFlex
  • Kuriyama
  • Dixon
  • HBD Thermoid
  • Parker

There are many types of marine hoses available including:

Water and Exhaust

  • Series 120/121 – Bilge Pump Hose
  • Series 130 – Water/Heater Hose
  • Series 141/142 – Corrugated PVC/Bilge Hose (Clear with Gray Rod)
  • Series 149 – H.D. PVC Livewell Hose
  • Series 150/150HD – Clear PVC Tubing
  • Series 162 – Clear Reinforced PVC Hose (Red Tracer)
  • Series 164 – White Reinforced PVC Hose (Blue Tracer)
  • Series 200 – Softwall Exhaust Hose
  • Series 250 – Hardwall Exhaust Hose
  • Series 252 – Corrugated Exhaust Hose

Marine General Purpose

  • Series 128 – Split Conduit Hose
  • Series 186 – Outboard Motor Bracket Hose
  • Series 400/402 – Ventilation Ducting

Marine Fuel

  • Series 360-09 – Fuel Feed and Vent Hose (Barrier)
  • Series 360-03 – Vent Hose (All Rubber)
  • Series 375 – Smooth Fuel Fill Hose


  • Series 104 – Cost Effective Premium Sanitation Hose
  • Series 104OB – Odor Block Sanitation
  • Series 140 – Corrugated PVC Sanitation Hose
  • Series 148 – H.D. Smooth PVC Sanitation Hose

Amazon Hose’s hose technicians have a vast knowledge of custom hose assemblies to meet any of your needs. The next time you need a custom hose fabricated, visit our Service Centers in Orlando, Tampa or Miami. You can also call us today at (800) 506-5514 or visit us online at