Every Hose Needs a Good Brass Gate Valve

brass gate valveWhen you have a job or project that requires a hose it can be easy to focus only on the type of hose you need, but no hose is complete without a valve.

Amazon Hose & Rubber carries a variety of valves, but when you need a valve that is suitable for cold water, oil and gas then what you need is our full port brass gate valves. Forged of quality cast brass construction, the valves are rated at 200psi. Gland packing is PTFE and meets NSF approval, while featuring a non-rising stem and black cast hand wheel. We stock a variety of two and three way valve sizes from 1/4” to 4” so you can be sure to find the right valve for your project.

Gate Valves are just one of the many different valves available at Amazon Hose & Rubber. Amazon also offers domestic Apollo Ball Valves, Mini Ball Valves, Check Valves, Needle Valves, etc.

The experienced staff at your local Amazon Hose & Rubber sales office can help you learn more about our selection of brass gate valves. We will help you find the right valve for your project or application so that you can be sure your needs are meet and your problems are solved.

Please contact your local Amazon Hose & Rubber sales office today in Orlando, Tampa, or Miami to find the right valve for your hose application.