ContiTech adds 2 hoses, steps up marketing

Amazon Hose and Rubber Company is a proud distributor of Continental ContiTech products. Please take a moment to read the below article regarding adding 2 hoses and stepping up their marketing game:

ContiTech XCP4 hydraulic hose
This is the ContiTech XCP4 hydraulic hose, designed to operate under high pressure applications. It also is aimed at North America.

FAIRLAWN, Ohio—The ContiTech business of Continental A.G. has introduced two new hoses for the North American market, and it also unveiled a new marketing campaign for the continent.

One of the new products is a constant pressure hydraulic hose that offers an extended life cover and superior abrasion resistance, the company said, while the second is a beverage transfer hose for beer, wine, milk and other beverages.

The hydraulic hose is dubbed the Continental ContiTech XCP4 and offers characteristics needed to operate under high-pressure hydraulic applications.

“This hose is designed to withstand constant pressure of up to 4,000 psi,” said Randy Kish, manager of distri-butor marketing for industrial hose and hydraulics. “The combination of the high-pressure capabilities along with its superior abrasion resistant cover gives the user a solid reliable performer.”

ContiTech said the hose meets U.S. Mining Safety and Health Administration flame resistance designation, has excellent impulse performance and flexibility, and meets SAE 100R19 and ISO 11237 standards. The inner tube is made of nitrile rubber and is reinforced with two braids of high-tensile steel wire. It can withstand temperatures from -40° to 212°F.

In addition, all fittings compatible for the hose are listed in the ContiTech Hydraulics Catalog.

The beverage hose for North American markets is branded Continental ContiTech Velocity BT. The firm said it is designed for transfer of beverages needing a lightweight, flexible polyvinyl chloride hose.

“The Velocity Beverage Transfer hose is a tough, clear lightweight PVC hose that lets you see liquid transfer in motion,” Kish said. “That’s why it’s ideal for wineries, breweries and milk processing facilities where seeing your product is important in the production process.”

ContiTech offers the hose in four diameter-width options from 1.15 inches (110 psi) to 4 inches (75 psi). The firm said the outer PVC helix and synthetic braid reinforcement meet USDA and FDA requirements, and the hose is made with NSF-approved materials and features a 3:1 minimum burst pressure to comply with RMA/ ARPM standards.

The hose can withstand temperatures from -13° to 140°F.

Marketing effort

ContiTech’s Velocity BT hose
This is ContiTech’s Velocity BT hose that it is unveiling in North America to service the beverage transfer industry.

The marketing cam-paign is called “Ability,” and is aimed at showing its customers the maker of hose, belting and a variety of other rubber products is giving them the chance to “add more ability to what you do,” said Anthony DiGiacobbe, marketing communications director for ContiTech NAFTA.

ContiTech’s acquisition of Fairlawn-based Veyance Technologies Inc.—which did business under the Goodyear Engineered Products name—provided the opportunity to offer customers “more,” he said.

“It was important that only the name would change—not the products,” DiGiacobbe said.

“It meant the customers would expect the same level of quality and dependability, and then some more. That “more’ idea was that they would now have more innovation, more engineering, a bigger portfolio of products, a larger network—all more to help the customers take their business to the next level regardless of the industry.”

The campaign will show ContiTech’s distributors that if they want to grow their customer base, ContiTech has the services and marketing to help them achieve that.

“If you are a plant engineer, and you need to make your plant more efficient, we have the products and support to enhance that ability,” DiGiacobbe said. “If you are a farmer or farm operator who needs to stay in the field longer, we have the highly engineered product to give you that ability.”

He said the company is using several communication methods to promote the new ad campaign. That includes print ads during October and November in several high profile end market publications; banner ads and electronic newsletters on select websites; and social media postings on its @Contitech Twitter channel.

The NAFTA region also will weave into its Ability campaign the message from ContiTech’s global ad effort, titled Engineering Next Level.

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