Custom A/C Manifold Hose Assemblies

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Custom A/C Manifold Hose Assemblies

Our Tampa branch was recently asked by a large customer who handles GMC Motorhomes to help solve a problem in getting new custom a/c manifold hose assemblies. The issues our service technician were faced with included, trying to duplicate an original manufactured assembly meeting the high-low pressures, strength of the aluminum tubing and maintaining the original angle specification of the hose ends. The customer requested a sample of our work that met the demanding specifications. Our service technician created a duplicate sample for review by the customer. The customer was extremely satisfied with our superior craftsmanship and rewarded Amazon Hose and Rubber Company with an ongoing open purchase order for future manifold assemblies.

This opportunity is another example of Amazon Hose and Rubber Company’s ability to reconstruct and fabricate OEM parts for the automotive and recreational vehicle after market. Our customers come to us with vintage and classic car hose needs, motorcycle hose needs and for the marine and boating industry hose needs.

Amazon Hose is able to provide a wide variety of automotive hoses to a very diverse customer base by partnering with two of our major vendors. Omega Environmental Technologies supplies us with the weld-on fittings and ferrules for our air conditioning hose assemblies and Continental ContiTech for our automotive and hydraulic hose products.

During our 96-year history of providing quality products and excellent customer service, Amazon Hose has encountered a wide variety of applications and special requests by our customers. Our service technicians’ knowledge of the automotive market allows us to meet most customers requests. Our product knowledge coupled with an extensive inventory of automotive hose and fittings, sets us apart from other hose shops in the marketplace.

Please feel free to request a quote at or bring your unique automotive requests to one of our service centers located in Orlando, Tampa or Miami and we’ll get you up and running!