Custom Made Hoses

hosesAmazon Hose is your source for custom made hoses! They are generally manufactured to meet the requirements of a specific application. Application of hose components (tube reinforcement/cover etc.) is typically by hand. Applications requiring hose attributes that are not typically available with standard hose assembly components are usually considered custom. Application considerations requiring non-standard solutions include: required bend radius, chemical, heat or abrasion resistance (both interior and external), end fittings, working pressure/vacuum, bore size, made to order length, and built on ends.

Many people refer to these applications as hand built hose, however hand built hose and custom made hoses can be used interchangeably.

According to the NAHAD (The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution) handbook, the term “hand built hose” applies to two general types of hose, I.e., non-wire reinforced and wire reinforced, which are made by hand on a steel mandrel. The mandrel is mounted on a series of double roller stands and one end of the mandrel is held in the jaws of a power driven chuck in order to rotate the mandrel during the making operations.

Hand built hose is produced with various types of ends, depending upon use, as follows:factory hose

  • Straight ends – hose has same inside diameter at ends as body
  • Enlarged ends – to provide full-flow characteristics, an end can be manufactured with a larger I.D. than the bore of the hose. This special end is generally restricted to hand-made hose where the special mandrels can be handled in a practical manner.
  • Soft ends – generally restricted to suction-type hoses that contain a close-spaced helical wire throughout the hose. To facilitate coupling, the helix is terminated before the end of the hose and the end is completed with suitable fabric reinforcement to provide adequate strength and wall thickness. Available on either straight or enlarged end hose.
  • Flanged ends – many installations are best suited for hose with flanged connections. Certain styles of hose can be made with rubber flanges molded as an integral part of the hose. These flanges can be drilled to match standard ratings. Metal inserts are sometimes used to provide the necessary rigidity and bolting strength. Another style of flanged end utilizes a partial flange molded as an integral part of the hose which is used in conjunction with metal back-up rings for bolting purposes. This permits alignment of bolt holes without rotating the hose.
  • Built-in nipples – these nipples are used for high pressure service or for hose handling hazardous liquids.

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