Don’t be a hot head!

resources_digitalassets_Universals-Superstar-Parade-Dora-2-LROne of Orlando’s leading theme parks had a situation where their character costume headpieces were not vented properly and causing the employees to become overheated. Looking for a unique solution, they turned to Amazon Hose and Rubber Company’s hose experts to help them out of a jam. After several consultations and a review of the problem, our hose experts came up with an application to allow the headpiece to vent. This consisted of a vacuum hose cuff and 2 ½” ducting hose which allowed air to circulate in the headpiece. This kept the employees from overheating and focused on customer satisfaction. This is one more example of how Amazon Hose and Rubber Company goes outside the norm of our everyday hose and fitting business to solve a customer’s unique problem.

 Amazon Hose & Rubber Company to the rescue!

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