Experienced Field Support for Hydraulic and Industrial Hoses

10 inch crimperWhen looking for knowledgeable and experienced field support for Hydraulic and Industrial hoses, look to Amazon Hose and Rubber Company. Amazon Hose has 8 experienced field support personnel, as well as, 8 experienced Inside Sales support personnel to meet our customers expanding requirements. They work closely together to determine customer needs and expedite orders. Our sales team combined years of experience is over 207 years with hose and fitting products. Not only do our sales experts have a lot of hose knowledge, but our company has been in business 97-years…we know hose!

The Inside and Outside Sales personnel at Amazon Hose are required to pass the NAHAD (National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution) Hose Safety Institute Design and Specification of Hose Assemblies for both Hydraulic and Industrial hoses. This is also required for all Amazon Hose and Rubber Company’s shop technicians. This NAHAD Hose Specification Guideline is intended to complement existing industry standards and federal regulations. The NAHAD exam covers hose assembly information that has been compiled to provide authoritative information on hose, end connections, attachment methods and accessories selection.

hose warehouseThe Amazon Hose Outside Sales team works out of our three service and repair distribution centers located in Orlando, Tampa and Miami. Each of these centers are over 35,000 sf. and has 89,000 SKUs of inventory. Amazon Hose has the capability of shipping anywhere in the United States, as well as export to supply product to our customer’s job sites.


If you would like one of our experienced sales team members to contact you, please visit our website at www.AmazonHose.com, fill out the Contact Us form or call us at (800) 506-5514. Click on the image below to enlarge our locations and contact information.