Extend Your Hose Life with Continental XR16SC Hydraulic Hose

XR16SC hyd hoseExtend your hose life with Continental XR16SC hydraulic hose! To better serve our customers, Continental is increasing service levels of Extended Life XR16SC (SAE 100R16SC). The intent is to make this hose the family of choice over the Standard Cover SR2SN (SAE 100R2SN) hoses. This means that our inventory levels are increasing for the XR16SC hoses. The better abrasion resistance of this hose provides much longer service life, as well as providing a cost benefit. When combining these benefits and the ones listed below, make this your “Go To Hose”.

Additional benefits include:

  • Higher working and burst pressure
  • Half the minimum bend radius on all sizes
  • Reduced weight
  • XR ‐ Extra abrasion resistant cover
  • Bright colorful branding
  • Utilizes the same hose fitting series
  • Similar pricing to SR2SN, but with above added features

The XR16SC is available today in ¼” – 1 ¼” with design efforts to development ‐24 & ‐32 sizes underway.

The XR abrasion resistant cover also extends the life of the hose, reducing your overall hydraulic hose cost. In the International Standards Organization test (ISO 6945), a laboratory  controlled test, the XR cover’s life was 14X greater than the SR cover.

For further information or to see an example of the hose, call us at (800) 506-5514 or visit your Amazon Hose & Rubber Company Service Center!