Flexible Metal Hose

flexible metal hoseWith 30 years of experience behind him, Sam J. Foti founded Hose Master in 1982. Built on the principles of outstanding customer service, high quality manufacturing and custom-driven design, Hose Master has made a name for itself as one of the foremost manufacturers of flexible metal hose.

With a brand built on high quality hoses designed to meet customers unique needs, Hose Master delivers a wide range of products to suit many diverse applications and industries.

As a Hose Master supplier, Amazon Hose and Rubber Company carries a wide selection of flexible metal hose. Ideal for high temperature and pressure applications, as well as for use in any situation where vibration absorption is an issue, Hose Master flexible metal hoses are used in a wide array of industries, including:




Power Generation

 Pulp and paper


Hose Master provides complete engineering services to make sure you have the proper hose or expansion joint for your project. Please contact Amazon Hose and Rubber Company to discuss your application needs.