Food Grade Hose

food grade hoseFood grade hoses are used in a large variety of industries, for a wide range of products. Everything from beer and wine to flour and grain can find its way into a food grade hose. The most common wet and dry applications include:

  • Bulk food processing
  • Ground meat
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
    • water, soft drinks, beer and wine
  • Washdown stations

Food grade hoses can be used with either suction or pneumatic/blower systems for the bulk transfer of food products. The hoses used for these applications need to preserve quality and prevent contamination so the selection of hose is critical.

Typically, food grade hoses are manufactured from rubber or PVC because both materials allow the hose to maintain flexibility. They cannot be made from metal because metal can contaminate food and beverage. The hoses also need to be chemical resistant, odorless and tasteless.
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