For the love of our customers…


Amazon Hose and Rubber Company employees went above and beyond recently. On Saturday late afternoon, February 14th (Valentine’s Day), one of our longstanding customers was in urgent need of a large order of hoses to help them in their tradeshow sales. Our customer called upon our Assistant Warehouse Manager, Andre Prader, who immediately took action. The letter below to our President from our customer expresses how pleased they were with the service they received.

Mr. Donlin,

I want let you know how much we appreciate the exemplarily customer service provided us by André Prader and Jim VanBuren.

We called André last Saturday afternoon around 5:00pm.  Saturday afternoon…Valentine’s Day…and André was on vacation.  We were working a trade event in Lakeland, sold out of our product and were in a position where we needed to pick up our order of 1ft hoses from Amazon Hose in order to complete our sales on Sunday.

After informing André of our situation, he immediately called Jim and a plan was put into action.  André went to your facility, located our order, boxed up our hoses, and communicated that Jim would meet us so that we could pick them up Saturday evening.  Jim met us at the door at 7:15pm and we had our hoses loaded within 5 minutes.

Not only were they pleasant about having to go into work after hours but they both were genuinely sincere about doing what needed to be done to meet our need.  I do not like to use clichés; however, I do feel both Andre and Jim went above and beyond the call.

As you know, it’s more than just doing your job…it’s about relationships.  We appreciate our relationship with Andre, Jim and Amazon Hose.

Kind regards,

Director, Client Development

Beverly Anderson

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company to the rescue!

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