Goodyear Crimped Steam Hose

goodyear crimped steam hoseSteam hoses, used to move and direct steam, need to be as air tight as possible. Oh course you would expect all hoses to be air tight, but when it comes to steam hoses it is more important than ever that the hose itself and its connection to couplings is completely sealed because steam can escape from even the smallest crack, hole, or imperfection. Steam loss from a steam hose can be both costly and a safety hazard.

Often, steam hoses are created with a bolted design at the hose head. While bolted steam hoses seem secure, most cause steam loss around the bolted design. The Goodyear crimped steam hose, on the other hand, can eliminate those leaks. The Goodyear crimped hose has a serrated design to seal the hose which eliminates leaks and prevents steam bursts, improving the safety of the hose.

In the video below you can see a comparison between a bolted and a Goodyear crimped steam hose.

Assuming a steam loss of 2.6 lbs. a minute with a production cost of $11 a pound, a bolted steam hose can lose as much as $1250 in steam a month! And while it’s good for people to let off steam every once in awhile, it’s much preferable for your hose to keep its steam in.

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