Hose Reel Carts

hose-reel-cartsOne of Amazon Hose & Rubber Company’s Territory Managers has fabricated specialty hose reel carts for a popular tourist attraction. These carts are used in over-night maintenance operations. They have the ability to be towed by an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or golf cart.  The carts most often use Reel Craft Hose Reels, along with hose from Kuriyama, a popular vendor in our industry to wash-down sidewalks, streets and pathways.

kuriyama-hoseThe hose reel carts were constructed to increase productivity by the maintenance crews, while making a more safe working environment. Previously, the customer would roll the hose by hand and simply carry it around to different work stations. The carts eliminated the extra labor and exposure to lift related injuries.

Amazon Hose commonly couples the Kuriyama hose with Dixon Valve fittings. Dixon Valve has been a leader in the fittings and valve industry for 100 years!


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