How to Detect Hydraulic Leaks

hosesIn todays’ world the cost of operating machinery and HVAC systems can be very expensive. This is compounded when you have a hydraulic leak that can harm the environment and shut down your operations. There are products available from a company called Spectroline, which manufacturers a dye based leak detector for hydraulic lines.

Amazon Hose and Rubber Company is always promoting safety, especially when it comes to environmental and individual concerns. We have found that Spectroline allows equipment operators and mechanics to be able to detect early hydraulic hose leaks. This prevents lost time and money for our customers. Historically, checking for leaks had to be done by hand and the naked eye. With Spectroline’s black light technology and Oil-Glo technology, you eliminate injury and undetected oil leaks.

The Spectroline products are easy to use and affordable and are highly recommended by industry professionals.

What the Pros Are Saying…

“All power plants should use this simple technology to find leaks quickly. The savings is tremendous.” -Tom Pike, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC)

“The yellow dye in OIL-GLO 22 works great in finding hard-to-spot leaks.” – Dennis Lee, Timkin Company

“OIL-GLO 44 is easy to use, and I don’t have to worry about it harming the hydraulic system.” -D.J. Anderson, Western Enterprises

“I like the OPTIMAX 3000 flashlight. It’s easy to use, cordless, cool to the touch and can be carried easily.” – Mike Pile, GPS America

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