Florida Nature Conservancy Uses our Hydraulic Hose and Assemblies in Fire Trucks to Control Burns

The Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy conducts controlled burns on its own Preserves as well as assisting partners with fire in order to keep Florida’s fire-dependent  eco-systems healthy, reduce wildfire intensity, and protect our natural resources.  Starting over 20 years ago Amazon Hose & Rubber helped make some unique contributions to the preservation of our most precious natural resources.  

When the Florida Park Service needed water to create wet lines to light fires for controlled burns and to deliver water for suppression, they reached out to Amazon Hose & Rubber. Combining a variety of hoses and fittings with water tanks and pumps, a very cost-effective and easily repairable water delivery system that was fitted into the back of large pickup trucks was created.

Just recently, Amazon Hose & Rubber donated hydraulic hose assemblies and steel adapters, water and spray hoses, stainless steel and plastic polypropylene fittings and valves to the Florida Chapter’s Fire Program in order to help create a water delivery system that fits into a removable UTV bed  that can be slid into various trucks  or adapted to new types of all terrain vehicles.
hydraulic hose and assemblies for fire fighting

Zachary Prusak, The Nature Conservancy’s FL Fire Manager, has been a long time part of this process and says ‘ the fire control units are easy to repair and maintain.  This design is not proprietary or complex, so we can keep this running on our own.  Previously this type of fire fighting equipment was big and complex, but our original designs made the equipment simple and easy with a basic unit that could be installed in a pickup truck.  We needed a cost-effective water handling equipment solution and  Amazon Hose & Rubber had the hoses, couplings, and fittings that allowed us to build these units inexpensively. We can now use local vendors to build water handling equipment to control fires.  In fact other companies have copied these designs and are offering them for sale which is a pretty high compliment from the marketplace’.

hydraulic hose and assemblies for fire fighting

Amazon is a leading distributor of all types of hydraulic hose, and can provide complete hose assemblies as well as bulk hose and hydraulic fittings for those with their own crimping equipment.

Contact us for your fire hose, fittings, and couplings needs.  Most importantly Amazon is a strong partner helping you come up with innovative solutions to problems and helping you reduce costs and create process efficiencies.