Hydraulic Hose Assembly Pressure Testing

crimper testAmazon Hose and Rubber Company can perform hydraulic hose assembly pressure testing for customers that require safety and test certifications for the products they will be installing on equipment. The CustomCrimp® “BE” Series Test Benches are designed with features that make proof and burst testing of hydraulic hose assemblies a quick and easy procedure.

When specified by a customer, coupled hose assembly lots should be sampled and tested utilizing an acceptable burst and proof pressure procedure. It is recommended that proof and burst testing be performed in accordance with SAE J517 and SAE J343, as shown below, or an applicable industry standard or customer specification. CustomCrimp® Industrial benches have the same high pressure manifold connections and pressure range capacities as the pictured above BE Series benches. Additionally, however they are also equipped with a high capacity 5000 psi pump and a removable side panel which allows for the attachment of an optional tray for longer hoses. Interior Dimensions of above test bench are 32″ high X 48″ wide X 84″ long.

Proof pressure test – This proof test is conducted at twice the working pressure of the hose unless otherwise specified by the customer. The test pressure shall be maintained for a period of not less than 30 seconds or more than 60 seconds. There shall be no indication of failure or leakage.

When tested in accordance with the above, the assembly under test should be totally leak free for the duration of the test; leakage is defined as a continuous stream of water droplets emitted from a single or multiple locations.

Burst test – Hose assemblies on which the end fittings have been attached less than 30 days shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure increased at a constant rate so as to attain the specified minimum burst pressure within a period of not less than 15 seconds nor more than 30 seconds. There shall be no leakage, hose burst, or indication of failure below the specified minimum burst pressure.

It is important to realize that, with the exception of proof test, all hose assemblies under pressure testing are to be destroyed after the test.

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