Hydraulic Hose Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Hydraulic Hose for OEMRecently, a local customer contacted Amazon Hose and Rubber Company looking for hydraulic hose solutions for the original equipment they manufacture. Their “out of state” supplier was unable to provide the amount of service or attention they required. The supplier was having issues delivering hose assemblies on time causing the customer to miss costly production schedules.

Our Amazon Hose expert met with the business owner to review their needs and understand their expectations. The solution was to provide the customer with a Continental ContiTech hose crimping machine, bulk hose and hose ends; enabling them to make their own hose assemblies on demand. Amazon Hose was able to determine their anticipated stock needs which eliminates any back orders and down time. Training by an Amazon Hose expert on operation of the crimping machine was provided with all users being certified. In addition to keeping our customer stocked and trained, we will return annually to inspect and calibrate the equipment.

All customers needs are unique. Amazon Hose can customize a solution for any hose and fitting application. Contact Amazon Hose and Rubber Company so we may address all of your needs and make you a future loyal Amazon Hose Customer!