Hydraulic Hose Safety Inspection

Hydraulic Hose SafetyWhy hydraulic hose safety inspections and preventive maintenance are important?

There are several good reasons to begin a preventive maintenance program. Costly emergency repairs, production downtime and worker safety to name a few. The main objective of a preventive maintenance program is to identify component weaknesses before failure and loss of production. Some people believe that PM actually should mean “predictive maintenance” rather than “preventive maintenance.” Preventive maintenance is especially important with hydraulic products. The high pressures and temperatures associated with hydraulics make hose and fitting maintenance as well as selection critical. If done correctly, the risk of injury and/or excessive, costly downtime decreases significantly. In addition, there is a growing awareness regarding costs associated with cleaning up a hydraulic spill (EPA). Combining top-quality products from Amazon Hose & Rubber Company and Continental ContiTech with a regular preventive maintenance program will keep your equipment at maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Inspection and Maintenance

  1. Efficient production because equipment is in good operating condition at all times
  2. Better use of in-shop maintenance personnel since there’s less emergency work and more scheduled work
  3. Improved control of spare parts inventory, and reduced parts usage
  4. Reduction of equipment downtime through scheduled inspections
  5. Safety hazards are minimized
  6. Increased life expectancy of equipment
  7. Fewer capital outlays for purchasing new equipment prematurely
  8. Reduced repair costs due to fewer breakdowns
  9. Prevention of equipment deterioration from causes other than obsolescence

Components of a Preventive Maintenance Program

An effective preventive maintenance program consists of the following key elements:

  • Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Maintenance records
  • Regularly scheduled inspections conducted when equipment is shut down and hoses are not pressurized
  • Troubleshooting (identifying problems and solutions)
  • Proper hose and fitting selection
  • Proper assembly, routing and installation
  • Receiving updated maintenance and product training periodically

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