Hydraulic Hose Service Plugs

Hydraulic Service PlugsAmazon Hose & Rubber Company has recently added to our product offering, the Pig’s Tail USA Hydraulic Hose Service Plugs. We found that more and more job sites are requiring environmental cleanliness and contractors are looking to avoid oil spills and contamination. This product is ideal for containing the oil in hoses that are undergoing service or replacement in the field.

The Service Plug was developed to plug hoses or rigid pipes to avoid oils and chemicals from contaminating the environment and to preserve costly oils and liquids inside systems during maintenance and repair. It can also be used to protect machine channels from dust and corrosion when cleaning or painting, to prevent water, paint, dust and pollution from harming system and components. It also prevents infusion of contaminants like dust and water into equipment, thus ensuring smooth functioning and performance. Service plugs can be easily installed by hand into hoses with a slight twisting motion. It can be easily fitted into any kind of hose or line installation.

IMPORTANT: For use in non pressurized systems and vacuum systems!

Service Plug Installation
Simple Installation

MATERIAL: The Service plug is produced in high quality oil resistant rubber

DIMENSIONS: For channels and holes between .04″ – 1.7″

  • Micro: .04 – 0.4″
  • Standard: .16 – .91″
  • XL: .47 – 1.7″
  • Mix:.04 – 1.7″

TEMPERATURE: -15°F to +195°F

TOOLS: No tools needed! Use your hand. Insert, push then push and twist in the same action

CUTTING: If the plug reaches the bottom it may be cut. If you chose to cut a plug in place, make sure to leave enough material outside the hole that you easily can remove the plug

Some key features or benefits of Service Plugs:

  • Service plugs are manufactured using high quality oil resistant rubber
  • It is specifically designed for easy manual installation, without any tool requirement
  • It ensures an easy and snug fit irrespective of any kind of hose fit and installation.
  • It is oils and chemicals resistant and prevents contamination to the environment from oil and hazardous chemicals
  • Prevents dust, corrosion to ensure long life of machines
  • Prevents water, paint, dust and pollution from harming systems and components when cleaning or painting
  • Suitable for temperatures between -15°F – +195°F
  • Suitable to use in non-pressurized systems and vacuum systems
  • It is available in three sizes to plug holes between .04 – 1.7″

Contact one of our Hose Service Centers to inquire about the availability of the Pig’s Tail USA Hydraulic Hose Service Plugs. Or contact us at www.AmazonHose.com.