Marine Hoses

marine hosesFrom boaters to marinas, marine hoses serve a vital role in the maintenance and proper operation of any watercraft. Used in a wide variety of applications, marine hoses come in different sizes and serve a multitude of functions. Some of the most common marine hoses include:

  • Marine exhaust hose
  • Bilge hose
  • Power steering hose
  • Fuel line hose

Each of these hoses has an important role in the operation of any boat. Stainless steel marine hose clamps are typically used to secure these hoses for their application. In addition to its intended purpose, marine hoses must also be durable and reliable because, unlike hoses used on a construction site, if a marine hose fails while on the water the results can be costly and dangerous. That is why we stock top of the line marine hoses, including U.S. Coast Guard approved fuel line hoses made by the following manufactures:

  • Goodyear
  • NovaFlex
  • Parker

Learn more about Amazon Hose and Rubber Company’s products for the marine industry by contacting our experienced staff and let us help you find the right marine hoses for your application!