Bridges built to help Borneo orangutans meet mates

We know a lot about hoses and what they can be used for, but we were surprised to see an application that involves orangutans! Deforestation in Malaysia has made it difficult for orangutans there to meet mates. Their habitat has been piecemealed by development. Fire hoses provide an unexpected solution. A river divides populations of…

EPA tackles Florida water pollution, cost a concern

Polluted stormwater and wastewater is cause for concern in Florida. This water can become contaminated by phosphorous and nitrogen from fertilizer. The EPA argues for new rules to clean up Florida’s water. Many in the citrus industry fear the pricetag of complying with the proposed rules, estimated at $130-200 million. Amazon Hose provides suction and…

Genentech’s ECP-1 Site Named Facility of the Year Winner

The ISPE held its annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on November 8, 2010. This conference recognizes excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceutical processing. Amazon Hose provides products for a variety of applications for the pharmaceutical industry. [ Read the Article… ]

MDCE kicks off in Orlando

The Marine Dealer Conference & Expo was held in Orlando, Florida. Registration was up 25% from 2009. This is a good sign for the marine industry and attendees of the conference. Amazon Hose provides many USGC approved products for recreational boaters, marinas, and more. [ Read the Article… ]