Protect Your Pumps With Suction Strainers

suction strainersWhen using dewatering pumps it is important to couple the pumping system with a compatible strainer. Suction strainers are typically used with dewatering pumps to remove coarse elements, protecting the pumps and the control systems. Suction strainers are used to filter out various types of debris.

In a typical application this strainer would be mounted to the end of a PVC or Rubber Suction Hose. They also offer a long service life, require low maintenance and provide front-line defense against debris contamination.

Suction strainers only protect against damages caused by coarse elements, but there are other types of strainers available to provide a more complete protection.

Contact Amazon Hose and Rubber Company to learn about the many strainer options we have available including:

  • Standard round hole
  • Standard square hole
  • Long round hole
  • Bottom skimmer
  • Top skimmer

Materials available:

  • Plated steel
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Polyethylene