Reusable Fittings on a New Hose

While consulting with our customers, our techs have found that often hose wears out faster than the fittings. We love to reuse parts for several reasons. First, it saves you money and second, it reduces waste and is the right thing to do for our customers and our environment.

Amazon Hose and Rubber Company thinks “green” so much so that we adopted the color as our own! Earlier this week, one of our customers brought in their lay-flat discharge hose that was severely worn and needed to be replaced. Our hose technicians cut the fittings off the end and re-attached the fittings to the new hose. We can help you save money, that’s just what we do! Do you have a hose that needs to be reapaired or replaced, visit one of our Amazon Hose Service Centers (Orlando, Miami, Tampa).

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company to the rescue!

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For more information, contact us at Amazon Hose and Rubber Company.