Rising Lotus Children’s Village

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company is proud to sponsor the Rising Lotus Children’s Village in Nepal!

Soul Swag Sponsor

Although rescue efforts relating to the devastating earthquake have ended, Rising Lotus Children’s Village continues to forge ahead with our dual mission to rebuild our home and assist as much as possible in the relief efforts for the entire country.

In the meantime, Nepal will continue to face many other crises; disease, lack of clean water, food shortages, and increased human trafficking. In addition to the overwhelming effects of the massive earthquakes last spring, political unrest has created a volatile situation between India and Nepal. Protesters from the Madhesi communities in southern Nepal blockaded (since September 24, 2015) the major Indian border (Birgunj checkpoint) preventing imports from India, claiming under-representation in Nepal’s new constitution.

Nepal, a landlocked country that shares a border with China to the north,  depends entirely on India for fuel and most of its food and medicinal supplies. Consequently, Nepalis continue to face severe shortages of fuel, cooking gas, medicines, food imports and other everyday supplies. Hospitals have closed, treatments for certain disorders have ceased, travel is more difficult than ever, cooking has resorted to wood fires and prices for commodity items have skyrocketed. The blockade and the resultant shortages of fuel and goods have also brought the reconstruction efforts following powerful earthquakes in April and May to a standstill.

Please consider donating today. One hundred percent of your donation will be hand delivered to reputable NGOs and INGOs (non-govt. orgs. and International non-govt. orgs.) by our founder or trusted affiliate.

We use 100% of donated funds made to Rising Lotus Children’s Village to provide the children we serve with nutritious food, clean water, shelter, clothing, health care, books, toys and, most importantly, a quality private-school education, all within a safe, nurturing and loving environment.