Stainless Steel Hoses Make the Difference

Our customer was recently using Teflon hoses that were expected to handle 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes and a very high amount of vacuum suction.  As shown in the picture, the hoses have buckled under the pressure.  Our customer met with our Amazon Hose Expert who recommended changing to an all stainless steel hose from Hose Master. These hoses have an inner stainless core that are designed to not buckle.  Since receiving these new hoses, the customer was super satisfied with the quality and performance which led them to change out all hoses on their production line. The knowledge and advice recommended by our Hose Expert was truly a benefit to our customer, eliminating his downtime and expensive repairs to the equipment.

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company to the rescue!

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New Hose Master Stainless Steel Hose