Strength and Flexibility: Silicone Heater and Coolant Hose

Silicone Heater Hose and Silicone Coolant HoseSilicone Heater and Coolant Hoses are one of Amazon’s top selling items, providing our customers a wide-range of applications to meet their unique needs.

A flexible hose alternative, Silicone Hose is resistant to cracking and early deterioration even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Conveniently suited for automotive and industrial applications, examples of usage include windshield wiper hose, factory machinery, electrical insulation, vacuum gauge hose, and coolant overflow hose, to name a few.

Silicone Heater Hose is quality constructed containing reinforced braid walls designed to add strength and flexibility while performing exceptionally well under high temperatures. Silicone Heater Hose exceeds SAE J20R3 requirements and is ideal for automotive and industrial applications that require glycol-based coolant fluids.

400 Series Coolant Hose maintains a temperature range of -70°F to 350°F and is well suited for high temperature applications. Mainly designed for cars, trucks/buses, home, and industrial use, various custom sizes are available at Amazon Hose & Rubber.

Additional benefits to you using silicone based hose products include the availability of assorted/customized angles, shapes, and fittings making this hose a highly adaptive alternative for a variety of spaces, locations and applications.

Please contact your local Amazon Hose & Rubber sales office today and learn more about our silicone hose products and how it can make your next project that much better. Amazon Hose & Rubber will help you find the right silicone hose product to solve your specific automotive, industrial or home need. Quantity discounts are reserved for your order(s).

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