Water Suction and Discharge Hose Kits

Suction Discharge Hose KitsAmazon Hose and Rubber Company has a complete range of water suction and discharge hose kits in stock, premade and ready to go. Florida summers produce torrential rains that may or may not be the result of a hurricane but we want to help you prepare. Contractors and municipalities often need to dewater flood-prone zones, road ways and construction areas.

Amazon’s premade kits are available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ sizes and include a 20 FT. green PVC suction hose, a 50 FT. blue PVC discharge hose, a galvanized steel strainer and camlock adapters that enable quick deployment of pumps wherever they are needed. We also stock 300 FT. rolls of blue and red PVC discharge hose, camlocks, strainers and hose clamps.

Amazon Hose has switched from banding camlocks on water suction hoses to crimping. Our new 10″ crimping machine allows us to fabricate leak-free assemblies. Low profile crimp sleeves and ferrules do not snag on obstructions like banded clamps tend to do. Our premade water suction and discharge hose kits are available in any of our three walk in service centers or you may contact us at Amazon Hose and Rubber Company.