Ultra Clean Machine Reduces Hydraulic Hose Contamination

Prevention of downtime on machines and equipment is a priority for Amazon Hose and Rubber Company. Some applications like those that involve hydraulic hoses contamination is a serious concern that negatively impacts performance.

For hoses where this is the case the simple solution is to clean the hose during the fabrication process. At Amazon Hose and Rubber Company we’ve found that the most effective way to clean hoses is a pneumatic machine called Ultra Clean.

Ultra Clean machines work by forcing a projectile through the hose assembly which removes any internal contamination. There are a number of reasons why we use the Ultra Clean system.

Here are the top four:

1. Removes residual mandrel lubricant: Manufacturers use a substance called mandrel lubricant in the fabrication of hydraulic hoses. Mandrel lubricant, while necessary during the fabrication process, can foul hydraulic oil if it is not properly removed from hydraulic hoses. However, manufactures almost never clean their hoses before shipping them off to distributors so residual mandrel lubricant remains in nearly all hydraulic hoses.

2. Removes dust and debris: Mandrel lubricant isn’t the only contaminant that hoses pick up along their way to a job site. Hoses often sit for long periods of time before they are finally put to work, and just like anything else that sits without use they gather dust. Rubber dust also collects in the hose anytime a hoses is cut into smaller sections. Both types of dust can contaminate hydraulic oil, or any other fluid moving through the hose, if not removed. Therefore, Amazon Hose and Rubber Company cleans and caps hose ends during the production process to eliminate this from happening.

3. On-Site Training: Ultra Clean Technologies is dedicated to making sure that their products perform exactly to specification, so they offer training and education regarding contamination and proper use of their products. On-Site training ensures that users know exactly how to use their products and contamination is eliminated. Amazon Hose and Rubber Company is committed to this on-site training program.

4. It’s easy and it works: Ultra Clean machines are easy to operate and efficient. In one quick, straight forward process we can clean the entire length of a hose with the Ultra Clean machine. Amazon Hose and Rubber Company has Ultra Clean machines at all of our locations in an effort to make sure your hose is clean and ready to use as soon as you take it home. The Ultra Clean process conforms to ISO 18/16/13 cleanliness specifications. This cleaning process is standard for all OEM customers and is available at our counter upon request for any other customer.

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