UV Protection Hoses – Kuriyama Solarguard Thermoplastic Industrial Hoses

The Florida sun can reek havoc on your hoses. That is why Amazon Hose and Rubber Company distributes the Kuriyama Solarguard line of industrial hoses. This line of hose is designed to provide a longer life and lower operating costs versus similar rubber or PVC hoses. The rigid PVC helix construction can withstand service temperatures of -4 degrees through 150 degrees Fahrenheit. General applications include, hydroexcavation, construction dewatering and water suction.

The Solarguard Series has three distinct lines:

  1. AMPH-SLR Series – wet or dry material handling hose where severe abrasion is a factor
  2. SLR Series – heavy duty PVC liquid suction hose
  3. SG Series – standard duty PVC liquid suction hose

The Solarguard hoses are formulated with advanced UV protection that resists the cracking that can result from exposure to damaging UV light. They come in a Safety Yellow Color for high visibility on sight which reduces the risk of tripping or driving over the hose. Sizes range from 1-1/2″ ID to 8″ ID. For more information, please contact Amazon Hose and Rubber Company.