Hose Assemblies

Proper Maintenance is the Key to Durable Hose Assemblies

In an industrial setup, hose assemblies are used for crucial operations. The improper selection and maintenance of hoses, tubes, assemblies and fittings can causes operational failures. In a high-pressure environment, they can also lead to severe personal injuries and property damage. Understanding and adhering to the installation instructions are essential to ensure proper fitting. Proper maintenance is equally crucial to avert damages and enhance the durability of hose assemblies.

Installing Hose Assemblies: Essential Considerations
Here are some essential considerations that should be kept in mind while installing hose assemblies:

  • Inspection: Before installing a hose assembly, carefully examine hose and fittings for correct size, length and type. Also, examine the supply section for cracks, corrosion or any other type of visible defect. This check should ideally be performed at regular intervals. Make sure to change any defective part before installing a new hose assembly.
  • Compatibility: One size does not fit all in the case of supply systems. Make sure you are installing compatible hoses, fittings and assemblies. Incompatible assemblies can cause bursts or leakages.
  • Bend radius: Hose couplings and assemblies are manufactured for a specific radius. Installing them at less than the recommended radius reduces their life.
  • Material: Make sure that the assembly supports the content that will pass through the hose.

Maintaining Hose Assemblies
Proper maintenance is crucial to extend the life of hose assemblies. One should follow these steps to ensure proper maintenance of assemblies:

  • Perform visual inspection of the supply system weekly. Look for cracks or damages.
  • Conduct operational test to check leakage and pressure control.
  • Perform hose, fitting and assembly cleaning at regular intervals.
  • Use pressure release tools for pressure-sealed supply systems.
  • Replace hose assemblies after recommend period of time.

With proper installation and maintenance, the hose assembly can provide a high quality performance for the standard period of operation. Although hose assembly appears to be a very small component, its performance adds to the bottom line in the balance sheet.

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