Hose Reels

From gardening tools to industrial work, hoses seem to be required everywhere. Hose reels were invented to make the process of winding hoses easy. Shaped from metals, hose reels were created so that hoses can be wound, for effective coiling up and storage. With the invention of the hose reel, companies specializing in domestic and industrial tools now create different types of hose reels that have a unique mechanism to cater to different needs. Hose reel variation depends on the application. The style, size, and composition of a hose reel depends on what you are using it for. At Amazon Hose and Rubber Company, we can provide hose reels for air or water hose, oil and grease hoses, vacuum, fuel hose or chemical delivery hoses. Additionally, we can provide grounding reels, cord and cable reels, welding and military reels.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Hose Reelsreel picture

Three main factors when choosing hose reels are:

Hose Type:

Hose reels have various capacities. So it is essential to select one that can sufficiently hold the entire length of the hose. A smaller reel will mangle the hose and damage it.


The shape of the reel has to be proportional to the hose. An industry that uses big hoses needs bigger reels in order to hold the weight of the hose.


A big reel requires a supporting wall, to distribute the weight and its strength. So, the space availability needs to be considered before procurement. pumper-jetter2

A Broad Classification of Hose Reels

There are many types of hose reels available in the market. However, they can all be broadly classified into three categories:

  1. Spring: These reels come with an internal spring enclosed in a cassette, within the body of the reel. As the hose is pulled out, a tension is created within the spring cassette. So, when the operation is completed, the tension pulls back the hose into the drum of the reel. You might have seen these type of reels in ceiling mounted gasoline pumps at local gas stations.
  2.  Manual: A crank handle is attached to the barrel of the reel, so one turn of the handle causes the barrel also to turn. This is one of the basic types of reels, mainly used for smaller lengths, such as 60 foot hoses, as well as for thinner hoses that weighs less, such as a garden hose.
  3.  Motor-driven: These can be used for almost all types and applications of hoses. There are different types of power voltages for different reels. Right from the normal 12V to 230V, air motors and hydraulic motors.fire_truck2

Notes and Tips

  1.  At Amazonhose.com various types of hose reels are available for industrial use. Check out this catalog for more on hose reels distributed by Amazon Hose and Rubber Company.
  2. View the various types of hoses.
  3. Use the exact size of hose fittings for best results.

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