Hydraulic Quick Couplings

A hydraulic quick coupler can quickly attach to or be removed from your hydraulic hose. At Amazon Hose and Rubber Company, we specialize in Stucchi USA products. Stucchi uses a solutions-based approach that meets the demanding requirements for a variety of applications.  Markets served include Construction, Agriculture, Automation, Chemical, Off-Shore / Land based Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Plastics, Public Utilities, among others.

Stucchi is a recognized global leader in the design and manufacturing of quick coupling products providing a variety of sizes and port configurations ranging from 1/8 inch to 2-1/2 inch sizes to accommodate a wide field of application requirements. Pressure capabilities extend to 10,000 psi working pressure, port configurations include imperial & metric standard in stock, materials from Brass to 316 Stainless Steel, and an assortment of seal options.

Stucchi offers all popular standards and in accordance with ISA 16028. The three main product categories of hydraulic quick couplings include Flat Face, Poppet and industry or application specific interchanges. Read below for an overview of Stucchi USA couplings we offer and their applications.

Flat Face: ISO 16028 Interchange Couplings- specifically designed for applications needing no-leak performance. The mating faces are easily cleaned before connecting, making it the ideal solution for limiting contamination in a hydraulic circuit. The design allows applications involving high pressure impulses in agricultural equipment, mobile construction equipment and general industrial plants. Non-spill design avoids fluid loss in connection and disconnection. There are options in seals, threads and mounting.

Series FIRG:
Size Range: ¼” through 2”
Body Material: Steel
Seal Options: Nitrile/Teflon (standard), Viton, EPDM, Kalrez
Threads: NPT, SAE
Series A Premier:
Higher pressure ratings than FIRG Series
Body Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel
Seal Options: Nitrile/Teflon (standard), Viton, EPDM, Kalrez
Threads: NPT, SAE, ORFS, JIC, British Pipe, German DIN, Bulkhead
Series APM:
Connect under pressure up to 4350 PSI
Size Range: 3/8” through 1-1/2”
Body Material: Steel
Seals: Nitrile/Teflon
Threads: NPT, SAE, British Pipe
Series A-HD:
Connect under pressure female up to 1595 PSI
Size Range: ½”
Body Material: Steel
Seals: Nitrile/Teflon
Threads: NPT, SAE
Series VEP
Threaded flat face for high impulse applications
Connect under pressure
Size Range: ¼” through 2”
Body Material: Steel
Threads: NPT, SAE, ORFS, British Pipe, Flange
Series: VEP-HD
Higher pressure ratings than VEP
Connect under pressure
Size Range: ¾” through 1-1/2”
Body Material: High grade steel
Threads: NPT, SAE, Flange

Ball/Poppet: ISO 7241-1 A, ISO 7241-1 B and ISO 5675 style interchange couplings are used in a wide  range of agricultural, construction, industrial in-plant and service applications. These products utilize a ball or poppet (cone) valve to seal the coupling when disconnected. Ball and poppet style couplings are not classified as leak free. Breakaway and push pull options and flat face to poppet adapters are available.

Series BIR: ISO 7241-1 A
Interchanges with Aeroquip 5600, Parker 6600, Faster ANV and Dixon K Series
Size Range: ¼” through 2”
Body Material: Steel
Seals: Nitrilen
Threads: NPT, SAE
Series IRB: ISO 7241-1 B
Interchanges with Aeroquip FD45, Parker 60, Faster HNV and Dixon H Series
Size Range: 1/8” through 1”
Body Materials: Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel
Seal Options: Nitrile, Viton
Threads: NPT, SAE
Series IR/IRV: ISO 5675 Agricultural
IR: Ball Seat, IRV: Poppet Seat
Interchanges with Parker/Pioneer 4000, Faster NS/NV and Dixon Ag Series
Size Range: ¼” through 1”
Body Material: Steel
Seals: Nitrile
Threads: NPT, SAE

Industry or Application Specific Interchanges:

Series W: Wing Style
Interchanges with Parker 6100, Aeroquip 5100
Snap-Tite 78 Series and Dixon W Series
Size Range: ¾” through 1-1/2”
Body Material: Brass with Steel Nut
Seals: Nitrile
Threads: NPT
Style VOF: Fire Rated High Pressure
Interchanges with Snap-Tite 75 and and Dixon WS Series
Size Range: ¾” through 2”
Body Material: Steel
Seals: Nitrile
Threads: NPT
Series IVHP: 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Jack
Interchanges with Enerpac C 604 and Parker 3000 Series
Size Range: 1/4” and 3/8”
Body Material: Steel
Seals: Nitrile
Threads: NPT
Multi-Coupling Plates:
Allows for simultaneous coupling and un-coupling of up to 10 hydraulic or electrical lines.

  • Connects with residual pressure friendly relief system
  • Safety lock prevents accidental disconnection
  • Simple to use with a single movement
  • Easy to maintain
  • Mechanical connection limits wear
Saturn Block Series:
Used to easily connect and disconnect attachments used in skid steer, excavator and other mobile construction equipment applications.

  • User-friendly relief system
  • Direct replacement for some OEM system
  • Low cost field replacement couplers