Water Discharge Hose

Water pumps have inlet and outlet ports. Water discharge hoses are connected to the outlet port of a pump in lengths that can run up to thousands of feet. The correct choice of hose, hose ends and attachment types will depend on the application details.

Common Applications for Water Discharge Hoses

  • Dewatering of construction sites
  • Flood control
  • Irrigation and other agricultural uses
  • Sewer bypass lines
  • Jetting and wash-down
  • Portable hydrant lines
  • Mining
  • Large portable air conditioning and chiller units

Types of Water Discharge Hoses

Water discharge hoses are available in sizes from ¾ inch through 16 inch. Pressure ratings vary depending on the size, type of hose and style of attached hose ends.

  • PVC layflat: economical, lightweight, UV resistant and easy to store
  • Nitrile/PVC blend layflat: typically available with higher working pressures, more oil resistance and abrasion resistant than PVC hose
  • Urethane layflat: highly abrasion resistant, very lightweight and easy to handle; also available in longer lengths
  • Mill discharge layflat: single or double jacketed braided polyester cover provides high abrasion resistance and can be used with full flow internally expanded couplings
  • EPDM and SBR rubber layflat: exhibits resistance to agricultural chemicals, high abrasion resistance, extremely durable
  • Wire wrapped composite: with crimped flanged ends used for high pressure/high head pumping and environmentally critical applications such as sewer bypassing

Available Hose End and Attachment Types

  • Crimped
  • Banded
  • Clamped
  • Cam and groove
  • NPSH (National pipe straight hose)
  • NPSM (National pipe straight mechanical)
  • NPT (National pipe tapered)
  • NST (National standard thread)
  • 150# flange (fixed or floating)
  • Bauer ball and socket