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Welcome and thank you for applying for a charge account with Amazon Hose & Rubber Company. Payment is due Net 30 days from invoice date. 1-1/2% interest on accounts over 30 days past due. No price corrections or returns (except for defective merchandise) after 30 days from invoice date. Special order merchandise is non-refundable/non-returnable. Receipt is required for returns and may be subject to a 25% restocking fee. All accounts will be charged sales tax unless a current tax exemption certificate is provided to keep on file. Accounts with unpaid invoices 45 days from invoice date will be placed on credit hold. Charge backs for expenses incurred in collections to include, but not limited to, attorney's fees. $25.00 NSF check fee.


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Terms and Conditions

Business/Applicant hereby acknowledges the following: The information supplied is complete and accurate. Amazon Hose terms for extension of credit are 30 days NET. Amazon Hose reserves the unconditional right to refuse credit or to close any account, at any time, without prior notice. Closed credit accounts become payable, in full, immediately. Signature indicates acceptance of all terms listed above.



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