Amazon Hose and Rubber Company Quality Program

quality hoseAt Amazon Hose and Rubber Company we are committed to improving and adapting our business to meet our customers’ complex needs. We know that this requires the highest commitment to quality and continuous improvement. All of our associates are dedicated to making daily progress towards our quality goals. Our quality program covers all facets of our organization from onboarding and training, to our shipping process, to guaranteeing our products and services. We are committed to finding ways to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. It’s our ultimate goal to support our customers.

Our Quality Policy

Amazon Hose and Rubber Company has a rigorous commitment to seeking customer feedback and then incorporating that feedback for continuous performance improvements.

We are committed to:

  • Quickly and efficiently meeting customer requirements
  • On-time delivery of safe, reliable, defect-free fluid system solutions
  • Providing support and service that exceeds customer expectations
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality systems

quality hoseEquipment Maintenance: Calibration

One process that Amazon Hose and Rubber Company has adapted is crimper calibration. Our calibration program is a step-by-step process to calibrate each crimper and certify each caliper on an annual basis. This allows us to ensure that our crimp specifications are consistently met and reduces the amount of hose failure and downtime for our customers.


We control and record unique identification of the product from receipt to customer delivery as required by the customer, industry, DOT (Department of Transportation), or U.S. Coast Guard. Component and assembly traceability enables us to provide product information and certifications to customers and industries that require material traceability. Traceability records enable the sales and service center to properly notify affected customers and mitigate risk resulting from improper manufacturing. Records are maintained for all Amazon Hose and Rubber Company orders and are traceable to the corporate order number and part number. For orders from suppliers, we maintain records traceable to the purchase order. Equipment maintenance and traceability are key to our commitment to the OEM and maritime markets where the records kept at Amazon provide the peace of mind that the commitment to quality is recorded in our documentation.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

As we move forward with our quality program, all employees are actively looking for opportunities to improve the business and quality processes. Customer feedback is part of that process. In addition, internally we are encouraged to make recommendations to the quality team leaders, or management for improvements. For more information on our Quality Program please contact your local Amazon Service Center for more information.

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