Construction Hose

construction hose

Construction is a broad industry that requires many different kinds of hoses. From concrete hoses to water, air or hydraulic lines there are a wide variety of products needed for various construction projects.

Some of the most common construction applications that we provide equipment for include:

  • sandblastingconstruction hose
  • pressure washing
  • concrete placement
  • road building
  • residential and commercial development
  • dewatering

Each of these applications need a specific hose and hose fittings to get the job done.
One example of the types of hoses used on construction sites are water discharge hoses. Connected to the outlet port of a pump, water discharge hoses often run thousands of feet and are needed for vital applications. These types of hoses are used for dewatering construction sites, flood control, sewer bypass lines, and many other applications.

The type of hose assembly that is right for a construction job can sometimes be difficult to ascertain. The length needed, the type of fluid that will flow through the hose, pressure requirements, and many other factors contribute to the type of hose and hose assembly a project will require. Rather than trying to guess the hose assembly required, contact Amazon Hose and Rubber Company and let our experienced staff walk you through the types of hoses best suited to your application. There are many different types of hoses for construction, and we can help you find the right one for your project.