Hose Reels for Every Industry

hose reelsFrom the garden to the factory, hoses are used in nearly every industry and come in nearly every length, size and diameter. Hoses can be unwieldy, presenting a problem when it’s time to pack up. Hose reels solve the problem of how to wind and store hoses easily and neatly.

Amazon Hose and Rubber Company is a distributor of CoxReels, Reelcraft and Hosetract, some of the leading suppliers of hose reels in the United States. These manufactures have hose reels to match any application in any industry including wall mounted, ceiling mounted and truck mounted options.

At Amazon Hose we can provide hose reels for air or water hose, oil and grease hoses, vacuum, fuel hose or chemical delivery hoses. Additionally, we can provide grounding reels, cord and cable reels, welding and military reels. Contact us to learn more.