Petrochemical Hoses

Petrochemical HosesPetroleum and petrochemical products require special hoses and hose accessories for proper handling, storage and distribution. By necessity, hoses and hose accessories used with these type of products must be oil resistant and durable. Safety valves are also critical when working with these types of materials or any hazardous material.

One of the most common petrochemical hoses in use are petroleum fuel hoses. Petroleum fuel hoses can be found in a variety of settings from small outboard engines to tankers to the fueling hoses you use when filling up your car. Due to the wide variety of applications for petroleum fuel hoses, there are many different sizes, diameters, pressure ratings, safety standards and attachments that can be considered.

For instance, it is not uncommon for petroleum fuel hose requirements to call for banding, crimping or internal expansion of the hose ends. Depending on the application there are also a wide range of industry standards that the hose might need to meet like UL, SAE and US Coast Guard standards.

Amazon Hose and Rubber Company offers petrochemical hoses from the following manufactures:

  • Goodyear
  • NovaFlex
  • Kuriyama
  • Eaton
  • Parker

All of these requirements and standards can be met with Amazon Hose and Rubber Company supplied hoses, hose fittings and accessories. Let our experts help you choose the correct products for your application. Contact us to learn more!