Petroleum Fuel Hoses

Amazon stocks a variety of fuel hoses, for many applications, including gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, and other petroleum-based products. You can find these on small outboard engines, gasoline filler necks, marine engines, while filling up your vehicle at the pump, or the tankers filling up the pumps themselves.

We provide exceptional quality products, meeting or exceeding SAE standards, as well as U.S. Coast Guard approval, from manufacturers like Continental, Thermoid, Alfagomma, & Weatherhead, to name a few. We can band, crimp, internally expand, or in some cases, supply “push-on” fittings that are simply pressed into the hose, which provides a permanent attachment.

From ¼” to 4”, low pressure to medium, our extensive inventory offers our customers a number of options. With those options available, our expert staff will gladly assist in answering any questions, address any concerns & lead you in the right direction.

Diesel fuel hoses are suction and discharge hoses especially manufactured for the supply of oil-based products, such as petroleum, gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. Diesel fuel hoses are used with a range of compatible fittings and couplings to avoid leakage of the fuel and entry of foreign elements during supply.

Diesel Fuel Hose: Rating Systems

A diesel fuel hose can be used for a number of marine and fuel extraction purposes. To maintain safety and quality standards, diesel fuel hoses are rated for specific applications using a combination of a number and a letter.

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has rated four types of diesel fuel hoses, A1, A2, B1 and B2. According to the USCG recommendations, all marine applications must use the Type B hose at fuel pump and carburetor sections of the fuel line system. A leakage at these sections can cause huge loss of fuel. Also, the Type B diesel hose is fire resistant, minimizing the risk of a fire outbreak. The USCG also recommends the Type 1 hose for critical applications due to their low permeation characteristic. Coast Guard standards require all fuel hoses used for marine applications to bear the mark USCG every 12 inches, while specifying the manufacturing date.

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) recommends the Type B1 fuel hose for diesel-based applications. The Type A1 hose is the best option for gasoline supply. This hose is less permeable, highly durable, heat resistant and does not collapse under high pressure or vacuum.

Petroleum products have a huge wear and tear effect on fuel hoses. Thus, it is essential to buy high quality hoses to ensure long-term results. However, one should check fuel hoses for cracks, rot or sponginess every quarter. According to the USCG standards, fuel hoses should be wiped with a dry rag and checked for fuel odor.

Rule of Thumb
– Type A: Above Deck
– Type B: Below Deck

Essential Considerations While Buying a Diesel Fuel Hose

Here are some basic considerations that you need to keep in mind while buying a diesel fuel hose:

  • Buy submersible fuel hoses for in-tank applications.
  • Look for industry standards, such as ABYC, SAE and US Coast-Guard.
  • Beware of stainless steel and PVC based fuel hose fittings.

For more information on how to buy diesel fuel hoses, visit Amazon Hose & Rubber is the leading supplier of hoses, fittings and tubings to international clients. We offer low to medium pressure diesel fuel hoses from leading manufacturers such as Continental, Thermoid, Alfagomma, & Weatherhead.

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