PVC Suction & Discharge Hose Spring Special

As Florida prepares for another rainy season, our Hose Service Centers have in-stock a wide variety of PVC Suction and Discharge Hoses for your dewatering and storm water needs.


Our hoses come from top manufacturers like Kuriyama and Pacific-Echo, and our fittings come from Dixon and Bauer, as well as many others!

The size ranges include¬†2″-6″, blue and green 2″-6″, with other sizes and styles available.

Bauer Couplings

Call today at (800) 506-5514 to place your order or go online at amazondev.wpengine.com and receive your special discount!

All qualified orders $1,500 and more will receive FREE SHIPPING!

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  1. Excellent products! Pump hose assemblies seem really useful.

  2. I have interest in those pump hose assemblies, please send me more details about the them. Much appreciated.

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