Industrial Hose Ends & Adapters

Amazon Hose offers a large inventory of industrial hose fittings and accessories. We carry several types that include, cam and groove, pipe thread, bauer style, ground joint and universal. Common materials used are brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and polypropylene. Amazon is a key distributor for Dixon, Kuriyama, and PT Coupling.

If you are looking for something specific, we have it here at Amazon Hose!

30r7 fuel hose

30R7 Fuel Hose

SAE 30R7 fuel hose is a low pressure hose with outstanding resistance to a variety of fuels. *Not to be used for LPG, Propane and…

bauer style couplings

Bauer Style Couplings

Bauer couplings are specialty ball and socket connections, designed primarily for use in irrigation, dewatering and other agricultural applications. This style of fitting is widely…

cam and groove couplings

Cam and Groove Couplings

Cam and Groove couplings, also referred to as Camlocks, Kamlocks, & Quick Disconnects, are one of the most widely-used form of industrial connector in the…

fuel drop hose

Fuel Drop Hose

Amazon’s fuel drop hose for gasoline transfer has excellent resistance to petroleum products and natural elements, making this the clear choice within the industry. It…

fuel injection hose

Fuel Injection Hose

Our fuel injection hose is designed specifically for auto and truck fuel injection systems. Continental Elite® SAE 30R9 is CARB approved (C-U-06-011) with a maximum fuel…

garden hose sprayers and handles

Garden Hose Accessories

Amazon Hose stocks several garden hose accessories for home or business use. Call today and speak with one of our Hose Specialists to determine the correct…

Green Marina Hose

Green Marina Fuel Hose

For dispensing gasoline to pleasure craft and commercial boats at fresh and salt water marinas. UL 330 and CUL approved. *Not to be used for…

Hardwall Gas Fuel Hose

Hardwall Gas Fuel Hose

Flexsteel® Futura™ with new Futurin™ cover resist cracking and fading, designed to dispense a wide range of fuels with extreme durability. The wire braid construction…

Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are limited to low and moderate pressure applications. Where and how a hose will be used dictates that type of clamp needed. Amazon…

Internal expansion couplings

Internal Expansion Couplings

Internal expansion couplings allow for “full flow” in a hose assembly. They minimize the build-up of material around the coupling shank and provide a strong…

kanaline cxe

Orange & Clear Kanaline Style Fabric Reinforced Suction Hose with Banded C X E Fittings

Clear with Orange Helix with banded C X E Fittings and Suction Service Only. Need a larger diameter hose? Request a quote.

Quick Disconnect Couplings

Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnect couplings are used in fluid power installations or pneumatic systems. They are particularly used to connect sections where frequent uncoupling is required for…


Softwall Gas Fuel Hose

This hose is best for all types of dispensing pump applications where flexibility and lightweight are desired. It is available with one or two textile…

tank truck fuel hose

Tank Truck Fuel Hose

For use in tank truck and in-plant operations to transfer gasoline, oil, ethanol blends and other petroleum base products up to 50% aromatic content. It…



Amazon Hose & Rubber Company stocks tri-clamps for every purpose. Call us today and speak with one of our experienced Hose Specialists to get the…

type a fuel hose

Type A Fuel Hose

Designed to meet fuel hose specifications of SAE J1527, A1-15 and ISO 7840, our Novaflex 360-09 is certified by the EPA to be compliant with the 15G/M^/Day…