Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnect couplings are used in fluid power installations or pneumatic systems. They are particularly used to connect sections where frequent uncoupling is required for various purposes, such as testing, inspections and maintenance. Quick disconnect provides an appropriate system to attach and detach sections of the line without losing the pressure or allowing foreign material to creep in.

Quick Disconnect Couplings

The quick disconnect coupling consists of two halves that are conjoint through a union nut. Each half contains a valve that remains open when the coupling is connected. An open valve system allows free movement of fluid or air while maintaining the set pressure. However, when the couplings are disconnected, a spring fitted in the valve system, shoots up to close the opening. The closing action is almost immediate preventing fluid leakage or entry of any foreign material.

The quick disconnect coupling for air and fluids varies according to minor specifications. In air quick disconnects, the pulling back action should release the downstream air pressure. If the pressure is not released in the appropriate quantity, the hose could burst due to the build up of a high pressure belt. Similarly, the pushing forward action should release pressure at the tail of the hose immediately. These safety considerations are particularly important while working with high pressure supply.


A quick disconnect coupling system is used in a range of applications, such as industrial air hose, fuel hose or water hose. They are available in male-threaded, female-threaded or barbed variations. The quick disconnect are highly popular, as they save on the time and effort required to build pressure every time the section is disconnected. Also, they add to the durability of the hose by maintaining pressure at an optimal level.

The most common types of quick disconnect couplings used for air hose systems vary from 1/8 inches to 2 inches. Fluid-based quick disconnect couplings are available in different sizes, based on the requirements. Lug type fittings are also available for air or water hose pipes between ¼ inches to 2 inches in size. These fittings are commonly known as Air King, Crow’s Feet or Chicago fittings. They are attached to the hose by interlocking through a twisted action. Lug fittings contain a washer at the center to maintain pressure.

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Quick disconnects are used in a variety of applications, including: industrial air hose, water hose, fuel, chemical , and hydraulic hose as well, which tend to be much higher pressures. In addition, these connections can be female-threaded, male-threaded, & barbed.

For hydraulics, we offer a range of types as well, for high pressure, and leak prevention. Again, it’s important to realize that not all “quick disconnects” will interchange. Our expert staff here at Amazon will gladly present you with your options, as well as help make the correct selection. Feel free to contact us, or simply stop by and see us.

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