Brake Hose

High Quality Brake Hose for Effective Braking

The performance of a brake hose defines the braking intensity of a moving vehicle. A vehicle with high quality brake hoses and fittings can hit speed 0 in a matter of moments without sliding, provided the brakes are applied properly. Thus, the quality of brake hoses is crucial for speeding vehicles such as motor sport cars and bikes. One should replace brake hoses periodically as they suffer from extensive wear and tear.

Type of Brake Hoses
The ‘one size fits all’ technique does not apply to brake hoses. There are significant variations in terms of specification even within a vehicle class. For example, the brake hose that will blend well with a Nissan model does not necessarily couple with a BMW model. This happens because most vehicle manufacturers make sure that their parts and accessories remain exclusive to their models. Thus, to meet specific requirements, brake hoses are customized for each make and model.

Apart from diameter, brake hoses are also available in different materials. Mostly, brake hoses are available in stainless steel, aluminum, rubber and metal alloys. Braided hoses are also available in the market that contains an additional support layer of fiber or metal thread. It provides added strength to the hose.

Finally, brake hoses can also be classified based on their functions. There are:

  • Air brake hose
  • Hydraulic brake hose
  • Vacuum brake hose

All the three types of brake hoses are used in the automobile industry. However, in vertical motion, such as elevators, hydraulic hoses are preferred.

Essential Considerations to Buy a Brake Hose
Ensure that the brake hose:

  • Is customized to your vehicle make and model.
  • Is manufactured in compliance with federal standards.
  • Is compatible with standard fittings and adapters.
  • Works with all standard brake fluids.

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