Fire and Mill Hose and Nozzles

Water pumps have inlet and outlet ports. Water discharge hoses are connected to the outlet port of a pump in lengths that can run up to thousands of feet.

Types of Fire and Mill Hose Nozzle

Fire hose nozzles are exclusively manufactured to discharge high pressure water stream through fire hoses. These nozzles are made from heavy duty water-resistant materials, such as aluminum, brass and polycarbonate. Different types of fire hose nozzles are available to discharge dry ice and water.

Fire Hose Nozzle for Fire-Fighting Equipment

Fire hose nozzles are available in a variety of specifications to suit different fire-fighting purposes. Most popular types of fire hose nozzles are:

  • Fixed pressure: These are standard fire-fighting nozzles that provide a water stream of a definite pressure. Automatic fixed pressure nozzles are also available. They automatically adjust according to the change in water inflow to deliver constant pressure. These nozzles can adjust for the flow from 300 GPM (gallons per minute) to 1,000 GPM.
  • Straight stream nozzles: These nozzles have a long discharging end to throw a non-adjustable straight stream of water with high pressure. Straight stream nozzles are used to discharge water to longer distances.
  • Fog fire nozzles: These nozzles are exclusively designed to meet the recommendations of the US Forest Services for maximum water efficiency.
  • Combo fire nozzle: These nozzles have the flexibility to change the water pressure between high and low extremes. Combo nozzles are available in brass and polycarbonate. Also adjustable from Fog to Jet Stream.
  • Spray foam nozzles: These nozzles are used particularly with small fire extinguishing cylinders to spray dry ice. They come in different sizes and have the capacity to discharge up to 600 GPM.